Industrial Heating
Industrial buildings have unique needs depending on the industry in which they operate. It is essential that industrial spaces such as factories, warehouses and workshops are kept at a comfortable and stable temperature to protect both the product and the staff. This directly effects the operation of equipment, as well as the energy efficiency of the business. 

Industrial air conditioning for warehouses 

Heating a large space, such as a warehouse, can be challenging and expensive if the wrong solution is used. It’s vital to keep warehouses at the correct temperature to provide a comfortable working environment and ensure that stored goods are safe. 
Warehouses are busy environments; the last thing you want is for your operations to be interrupted due to failing heating and ventilation systems. Even a small amount of time lost in a warehouse can have a detrimental effect on the business. Typically, the requirement for these types of buildings is a simple, reliable system that requires minimal maintenance. 
Industrial air conditioning is a fantastic solution to this problem. These units provide powerful and efficient heating to large space. Additionally, they require very little maintenance and are reliable, reducing the possibility of interruption. 
Warehouse Heating

Factory heating and ventilation 

Factories often require a bespoke solution to fit around the operational duties of the building. These industrial spaces may require area-specific ventilation or heating depending on the placement of machinery. 
Moisture and dust levels may need to be kept to a certain level to ensure safe operation of equipment. Like warehouses, factories are often large and challenging to heat and ventilate, especially with heavy machinery outputting heat and other emissions. 
Industrial air conditioning solutions can be tailored to the needs of your premises. These systems offer excellent ventilation as well as temperature regulation to allow for the smooth operation of your business. 
Workshop Heating

Workshop heating 

Workshops come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, there is no one-size-fit-all solution to workshop heating. While there are similarities to both warehouses and factories, workshops tend to be smaller and require heating throughout. 
They often contain powerful equipment that is temperature sensitive. Just as the name suggests, workshops are busy facilities with staff working long hours. Therefore, providing a comfortable temperature is essential for safe operation. 
“Spot” heating may be required if certain materials or equipment that require specific temperatures. Industrial air conditioning units are an excellent solution no matter the size of the space in question. They offer an efficient and fuss-free solution, even in the heart of winter. 

Unparalleled control 

Efficiency, powerful performance and energy saving are all excellent benefits of industrial air conditioning for heating, ventilation and cooling. However, another indispensable attribute is the level of control that it affords. 
These modern systems allow you to control your heating zones for optimal performance and efficiency. This ensure that you can provide heat and ventilation where needed while reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Maintaining industrial air conditioning 

While industrial air conditioning systems are reliable and low maintenance, regularly servicing your systems will ensure longevity and efficiency throughout its life. Like any electrical equipment, keeping it in tip-top shape will result in longer-lasting operation and ultimately save you money. 
There are many factors to consider when deciding to invest in an industrial heating system. It’s important to seek the advice of professionals that can advise you on which system will suit the needs of your business. 
If you have any questions about industrial heating and air conditioning systems, please get in touch with CAM Electrical. Our expert industrial electricians will be able to advise you and provide you with a bespoke solution to fit the needs of your industrial or commercial space. 
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