Have you been using traditional bulbs or outdated lighting systems in your warehouse? Upgrading your warehouse lighting is the simplest way to reduce your energy bill and your business’ carbon footprint. 
Warehouses can be dark and dangerous if not properly lit. Upgrading the lighting throughout your warehouse will give you greater control over your energy usage. It will provide you with a clear, bright, white light throughout your property, increasing visibility and safety. 
Warehouse lighting is typically installed up high, making maintenance difficult. Upgrading your existing system will ensure the trips to the ceiling are few and far between. These systems require minimal maintenance, so you can forget about them and focus on your business. 


There are many benefits of installing energy efficient factory lighting. New industrial lighting solutions offer intelligent control systems so you can optimise the lighting to the needs of your business. 
Installing a new lighting system will allow you to position the fixtures in the optimal locations, increasing visibility and productivity. 
Upgrading your old light fittings for new, energy efficient fixtures will result in longer-lasting bulbs and tubes. In addition, you will reduce the amount of maintenance required in the future and save on your energy bill. 
With factory lighting, there are important factors to consider, such as exposure to dust and moisture. Therefore, it’s vital to have the correct system installed. Our expert industrial electricians will tailor a factory lighting solution to meet the needs of your business. 
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All of our work is completed to British Standards, and to the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008) and all of our electricians are City & Guilds qualified. 


Motion sensor lighting has many benefits. Installing motion sensors will add convenience and reduce your energy consumption, as only the areas that are being used will be lit. This will reduce your energy usage with no effort on your part. 
They will also improve the lifespan of your lights. Having lights on unnecessarily wastes energy and causes them to fail sooner. 
Another great benefit on motion sensor lighting is increased security. Having the lights triggered by motion will make someone’s presence known and act as a deterrent. 


Traditional industrial lighting can take a long time to warm up and operate as intended. With LED, the need for warm up time is eliminated. This means you won’t have to plan ahead or risk wasting energy. 
Turning LEDs on and off is simple. With traditional industrial lighting taking up to 20 minutes to warm up, you might think twice before turning them off. With LED, the lights are on and working at full brightness instantly. 
LED lighting systems use significantly less power and have a longer lifespan, saving you money on your energy and maintenance bill. Ultimately, less maintenance means less interruption to your business, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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