Solar Power for businesses
Rising energy bills, increasing economic instability and new regulations are all factors making businesses a little uneasy. We are currently living through an energy crisis that will affect prices for years to come. 
We can’t predict the future, but the direction the energy industry is heading in is clear. The push for renewable energy is stronger than it has ever been. 
Governments have set deadlines for net-zero carbon emissions and many large businesses have pledged to hit net-zero well ahead of schedule. Our own government has set out goals to de-carbonise all sectors of the economy by 2050. 

The importance of renewable energy for business 

Many organisations have broad Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs. These programs exist to encourage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This form of self-regulation is important for the future of the planet and many industries. 
The importance of renewable energy is clear, but the benefits in business extend past CSR. Taking the necessary steps toward net-zero carbon emissions is of great value to brand perception. Being perceived as a social, and environmentally conscious business will improve the way people view and interact with your business in today’s climate. 
With the current state of the energy market, having access to your own source of renewable energy will give you peace of mind and some much-needed stability. Businesses are not immune to the rising costs and in some cases don’t receive as much government help as consumers. 
The importance of renewable energy for business

Commercial solar panels 

There are several ways in which your business could invest in renewable energy. One of the simplest and best way to invest in a cleaner, more stable future is by installing commercial solar panels. 
Their benefits are wide-ranging. Once installed, solar panels will generate clean energy and significantly reduce your grid consumption and electricity bill. You even have the option to sell energy back to the grid. If you’d like to keep your unused electricity, you can store it in your own batteries, allowing you to draw clean, free energy even on cloudy days. Making solar power useful every day of the year. It even works great in the heart of winter. 
Commercial solar panels require very little maintenance. They have no moving parts, so apart from the occasional service, they can be left alone to work away uninterrupted. This convenience paired with a long lifespan, makes solar power indispensably reliable. 
Solar Roof Panels

Rooftop solar PV 

Every commercial and industrial space is different, with some having more free space than others. However, solar PV solutions can be fitted to almost any premises. 
Having rooftop solar panels installed on your property allows you to have access to clean energy without losing any precious real estate. These systems will sit out of sight and operate in silence while working hard to produce clean electricity. 
Whatever the limitation of your property are, there is a solar solution for your business. 

Future-proof your business’ electrical needs 

Looking ahead, there are many concerns when it comes to commercial energy consumption. Whether it’s the current energy crisis, the cost of energy or government legislation, it’s important to future-proof your business now. 
With ever-increasing instability, you don’t want to leave your company vulnerable. Investing in solar power for business now will protect your organisation from future uncertainty. 
Of the many benefits that commercial solar power provides, peace-of-mind is arguably one of the most valuable. 
If you’d like to discuss solar solutions for your business or have any questions about renewable energy, please get in touch with CAM Electrical today. 
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